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Loooqs Infuser Water Bottle

It's proven that drinking 2 litres of water on a day keeps your body and skin healthy and young. A better question is, how do I reach these 2 litres during one day? With our Loooqs Infuser Water Bottle you can give your water a delicious and fresh fruit or herbs taste which will make drinking water a very easy task.

How does it work?

You simply take of the cap and remove the special compartment from the bottle. You can fill this compartment with any ingredient that you wish like, fresh fruit, mint leaves or fresh vegitables. Then you fill up your bottle with water and the flavours will mix with the water. Shaking the bottle always helps with mixing the flavours and the longer you keep the water in, the stronger the flavour will become. The bottle has a very strong cap which makes it very easy for transportation without spilling your drink. During the extra hot summer days you can also mix your ingredients with ice cubes to make sure your drink stays nice and cool.


The Loooqs Infuser Water Bottle is made of the material Tritan which makes the product extra stong. The bottle is very easy in it's maintenance, you can simply put it in the dishwasher after use. This way you can start with a new flavour combination everyday!