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Desk Accessories

Our desk assortment accessories are getting more extensive by the day. Anything from pens, touchscreen pens, USB-sticks, chargers, speakers to tablet folios, you name it and XD Design has it!

There are many inventive desk accessories available that have multiple functions. The pens for example are anything but classic. Besides from being multifunctional they are modern and original. These pens can be stored in the on-the-go tablet covers and folios.

While working, background music is a must. The Bluetooth speakers, headphones and earplugs of XD Design guarantees for a great working atmosphere. The ‘sound’-collection are stylish and therefore suitable for any working area.

Alongside pens and speakers, XD Design also provides powerbanks.

Our powerbanks and chargers work on solar energy! This means that aside from being sustainable and eco-friendly it can save you money on your energy bill as well.

Finally, all our desk accessories are made of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, among which are aluminum, rPET (recycled PET bottles) and bamboo.

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